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Character Design

first darwing is an initial sketch. the character of a girl, named kay! book? cookies? casual shirt and trousers pants? hair tied above? very identical with herself. second is an advanced early character sketches that had been colored digitally. kay is a female student who has a lot of ability, kay couldn't be far away from the book and cookies. Also i made one background of kay's school, she love to be there. she really enjoy everyday in the school, for her school is the place to express and study more new knowledge. and the third, the character of a little girl named Chloe. chloe has a hobby of drawing and chloe greatest desire is to become the world's greatest painting artists, chloe synonymous with the color pink, hat, and a brush which she always brought

a cup place for togetherness

the animals enjoy the green forest in a big cup where they spreading happiness and togetherness at every single time in there.

Novel and DVD cover Design

Novel: one day in paris (cover) - book cover novel that tells the journey of a woman named Kay who can fulfill her dream in Paris as well as a variety of new life experience she has received there. And the second is my dvd cover design - An animated cartoon DVD cover which tells the adventures of earth, in a mission to find new place to live in space when the earth will be destroyed.

Drawing - Jihane Almira

incorporating some elements such as clouds, pieces of buildings, flowers and soft colors in my artwork. Jihane is my favorite model from indonesia, she's very talented and look a like kylie jenner.


here is my four different comics i made. I always show my own character design named Kenzo. One of my favoire fabel character with pink color. And also i made different story like: Just don't distrub me, halloween, rainy day be like.. , and q-time with internet.